How To Be More Certain

We all look for leadership attributes, and we always scan for leadership whether it is in a waiter who serves you a drink, your senior in a business or whether it is at the gym. That is just how human nature works and that is how we are put together. Therefore, it is important for everyone to be assertive as…

Goal Setting

It is important to set goals for the business in general, and for establish goals for people working in the business. Commonly, goals are set on an annual basis, and they are reviewed reactively (in other words after the specific period the goals are again reviewed) Goals should be broken down to quarterly, monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily. It…

How to Business

Insights from a lawyer who has seen it all
'How to Business' is the practical business book written by a business lawyer and entrepreneur that has spent his life building, growing and managing successful businesses.
This is the authentic business guide
While many business books claim to offer real insights, they simply turn into a “textbook” style of business lessons that don’t engage readers.
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