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Pieter van der Merwe
I have travelled across South Africa and the world to advise a variety of owners, executives and entrepreneurs about everything business.

With the release of ‘How to Business’, I am making my comprehensive business acumen available in casual speaking engagements for companies, book stores, business seminars, workshops and more.

In each engagement, I use ‘How to Business’ as the framework for my approach to a compelling, entertaining and informative talk that offers a refreshing approach to business management.

If you are interested in booking a ‘How to Business’ speaking engagement, please contact me now to discuss the opportunity.

Pieter Live

LIVE Insights from a lawyer who has seen it all, and spoken at conferences around the world

How to Business

Insights from a lawyer who has seen it all
The moment that you decide to enter the world of business, you need to understand what you are getting yourself into. This is a world full of people that are intelligent, ambitious and willing to do whatever they can to get every last dollar from you. As smart as you think you are, there are others that are working just as hard to build a more successful company than yours.

Real Business Lessons

Everything that I write about in the book is critical to business success. No matter what industry you are in. No matter what your position is. Even if you do not directly use the lessons in your current position, understanding what others in the business world are thinking will provide you with a competitive advantage. From the first page until the last word, ‘How to Business’ will give you the most practical business advice that you will ever have!