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How to Business

Insights from a successful business lawyer who has seen it all

'How to Business' – an authentic guide to all things business

It is the practical business book written by somebody that has spent their life building, growing and managing successful businesses.

While many business books claim to offer real insights, they simply turn into a “textbook” style of business lessons that don’t engage readers. ‘How to Business’ is the exact opposite!

I wrote the book based on decades of experience as a successful business lawyer and prosperous entrepreneur in South Africa. Each page contains the critical business lessons that I have learned during my journey. This is your easy-to-read, casual guide to becoming a businessperson that can lead, inspire and take their business to the next level.

Business is complex. Being a successful business owner means that you need to wear many hats and be well-versed in a variety of skill sets.

‘How to Business’ offer valuable insights into:

  • Business Leadership
  • Communication
  • Structure
  • Motivation
  • Investments
  • Negotiation
  • And much more!

Pieter van der Merwe

Business lawyer, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker & more...
Pieter has grown up in business, with an entrepreneur father and a real estate mother his life has always revolved around the world of business. He studies law in Bloemfontein and is is the Managing Partner of VDMA Attorneys, a boutique corporate and commercial law firm with offices in both Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa.
Pieter van der Merwe

What readers are saying...

The book description stresses the fact that it will provide ‘real-world business lessons’ from the viewpoint of somebody that has worked as a business lawyer for decades. It does not disappoint. Upon reading, you will realize that everything shared is rooted in past successes, making the lessons much easier to comprehend.

The explanations that van der Merwe provides to support his theories truly gives you the confidence to integrate them into your own business life. Plus, the autobiographical nature of the book makes it much more attractive of a read than a textbook-style business book that is just explaining concepts.

I’ve read through the book twice and passed it along to my partners, as I believe the information shared from an experienced business lawyer is applicable to all business situations.

Jan Smit

In my opinion, “How to Business” is what every business book should be. It blends engaging storytelling with education, resulting in something that grasps your attention while delivering the lessons in a way that anybody in the business spectrum can understand. A fantastic book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the business field.

Sarah Fourie

If you are an entrepreneur, young or old, you need to read ‘How to Business’. Unlike many business theory books, the author uses his own personal experience to explain business ideas and back them up with evidence of their use.

This is a far cry from the typical books written by professors or those who have studied business ideas, but never actually used them in the crucial situations. Do yourself a favour and read this book because no matter the industry you are in, you are bound to pick up some powerful tips about conducting business.

Pieter Viljoen

I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years. However, I am always looking for ways to further my business knowledge. In ‘How to Business’, van der Merwe offers a wide range of business ideas that I may have overlooked in the past and am truly excited about adding into my repertoire. This man genuinely knows his business and the book makes for an interesting and informative read.

Amir Singh

What immediately struck me after reading through ‘How to Business’ was Pieter’s approach to explaining what could be complex matters in such a simple way. Often times, we over-complicate ideas in business. But, this book was easy-to-follow and gave me the confidence to use the lessons in everyday situations.

William Pearson

As a serial entrepreneur who has built several profitable businesses before the age of 30, I largely ignore most business books. However, How to Business is different because it is not based in theory, but in experience. It was an entertaining look into the eyes of business through a lawyer/businessman’s eyes, which I could resonate with. I learned several new aspects that I had been neglecting in my own business and just two weeks after putting them into practice, I can see the difference that they are making!

Jason Poprawa

Serial Entrepreneur

Reviewing the wide range of topics covered, one immediately realises that the subject of business has been covered comprehensively from all angles: motivation, leadership, investments, all aspects of business including staff, communication, structure and restructuring to name but a few. As the author says it certainly highlights all valuable tools for business people.

Independent Review

Independent Review

I’ve recommended this book to all my clients. Many of them are business owners that make fundamental mistakes that harm their business on a regular basis. Several of them have already to me how grateful they are to have discovered ‘How to Business’. An easy read that contains very important business lessons.

Charles Botha

Business Accountant